Meritus University Closure

January 24, 2011

Since its inception, Meritus University has been providing quality academic and student services to its students around Canada and the world. During that time, Meritus has strived to develop an enrolment management model that would sustain this high level of services.

Today, Meritus University announced that it is no longer accepting new students. Meritus will discontinue offering new courses to currently enrolled students, and the last day of classes for currently running courses is March 14, 2011. While this was a very difficult decision, Meritus' first priority is the delivery of quality programs and service to our students. For almost a year, the current administration of Meritus University, and officials at Apollo Group, have strived to develop an enrolment management model that would assure the level of enrolment needed. Sadly, despite our best efforts, we have concluded that there is a high risk that enrolment will continue to be insufficient to sustain the required quality academic and student service infrastructure we and our students demand.

We will help currently enrolled students to continue their degree programs online at University of Phoenix, or at another university of their choosing. In the next month, a team of academic advisors will contact every student to review their options and assist them as they transition to another post-secondary institution.

If you are a student with immediate questions or concerns, please contact 866-779-7371 or contact us via our online form and check the page on transition information for current Meritus students.

If you are a member of the media, please contact